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CARBAPENEM Injection PCD Company In India

CARBAPENEM Injection PCD Company In India – Injections are thought to be necessary for every industry. A study claims that the market for injectables currently consumes $28.9 billion USD in gross profits. Corresponding to this, the demand for injectables will increase by about 42% in the near future. The medical facility’s usage of injectable medicines for anesthetic during surgery and other procedures has increased. We, Monark Criticare, the leading carbapenem injection PCD Company in India are offering a great business opportunity. 

The most often utilized medical supplies in clinics and hospitals are injectable medications. These products have various benefits for treating bodily problems. We are among the most reliable critical care pharmaceutical companies that have the best quality ISO-certified pharma products including antibiotic injections. So, if you are interested in starting a business with us, then reach out to us at +91 98559 86633 or you can write to us at

What are CARBAPENEM Injections?

Carbapenems are a group of extremely powerful antibiotics that are most frequently used to treat serious bacterial infections. Antibiotics in this class are typically only used to treat bacteria that are known or suspected to be multidrug-resistant (MDR). Members of the beta-lactam class of antibiotics, such as penicillins and cephalosporins, carbapenems kill bacteria by attaching to penicillin-binding proteins and preventing the formation of bacterial cell walls. Here are some common medical uses of Carbapenem injections – 

  1. Used for treating intra-abdominal injections as it acts as a first-line agent.
  2. Severe UTIs can be treated with carbapenem injections. 
  3. Recommended for treating pneumonia and bloodstream infection.
  4. Work both on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. 

Top CARBAPENEM Injection PCD Company In India – Monark Criticare

Monark Criticare is the leading Carbapenem injectables PCD Company that offers the finest prospects to become a franchise partner. In India, there are a lot of Pharma PCD businesses that advertise PCD Franchise services at fair investment. The top pharmaceutical drugs and injections in demand in the market are available at Monark Criticare. The advantages of our Pharma Franchise Services are as follows:

  • First of all, Monark Criticare offers a wide range of excellent injectable products in addition to other pharmaceutical product lines.
  • Secondly, we offer you injectables that are the outcome of extensive research and full support from our modern facilities.
  • Thirdly, Monark Criticare offers monopolistic franchise services in addition to the best pharmaceutical injectables.
  • Also, this business strategy is less expensive and always ensures a profit return and market awareness. Thus, our Pharma franchisees in this sector have success.
  • Lastly,  you will get complete customer support as well as marketing strategies to help you build a stronger PCD business in India’s pharmaceutical sector, particularly in the injectables division.

Carbapenem Injectables Range Available at Monark Criticare

  1. Doripenem 500 mg injection – used for treating UTI. 
  2. Imipenem 500mg + Cilastatin 500 mg injection – used for treating certain bacterial infections. 
  3. Meropenem 125 mg injection – used for treating bacterial infection of the stomach, meningitis, etc. 
  4. Meropenem 1m injection – for treating infection of the lungs, eyes, blood, etc. 
  5. Meropenem 250mg injection –  used for the treatment of bacterial infections such as meningitis, lungs, stomach, etc. 
  6. Meropenem 500mg injection – for treating skin infection, a stomach infection, meningitis, etc. 
  7. Meropenem 1 mg + Sulbactam 500mg injection – for treating infections like pneumonia, and urinary tract infections. 

Be a Part of the Most Reliable Carbapenem Injectables PCD Pharma Company!

Monark Criticare makes sure to provide the greatest selection of injectable medications at an affordable range. Also, our business makes a strong commitment to providing safe and efficient injectable medications to improve healthcare. As a result, we can simply supply the top healthcare variety in every untapped region of India with the aid of Pharma Franchise Businesses for Injectables in order to enhance the healthcare sector of this nation. Here are a lot of perks of joining hands with Monark Criticare-

  1. Exclusive Monopoly Rights
  2. ISO-certified injectable range
  3. Affordable price 
  4. PAN Indian Availability 
  5. Full support and assistance

At last, if you are interested in working with Monark Criticare and want to start your own injectable pharma business, then reach out to us at the following details!

Contact Us 

Name – Monark Criticare

Phone No. – +91 98559 86633

Email Id. –

Address – Plot no. 201, Ground floor, HSIIDC, Phase 1, Industrial Area, Alipur, Barwala (PKL), Haryana-134118 India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – Which is the top injectable PCD Company in India?

Answer – Monark Criticare is the top injectable PCD Company in India.

Question – Is PCD pharma Franchise for injectables require a drug license?

Answer – Yes, PCD pharma franchise for injectables does require a drug license as well as GST No.