Meropenem 125mg inj

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Meropenem 125mg inj

Meropenem 125mg inj – Meropenem 125mg inj is an antibiotic that treats severe infections of the skin, stomach, lungs, urinary tract, blood, brain, and so on. This drug not treating the viral infection only kills the bacteria that spread infection in the whole body. 

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Meropenem 125mg Injection | An Overview

Meropenem 125mg Injection is an antibiotic drug that is widely used to treat bacterial infections which are caused by susceptible organisms. This medicine belongs to the carbapenem class of antibiotics which is known for its broad-spectrum activity that treats a broad range of bacteria in the body. Furthermore, this drug contains a lower dosage of Meropenem which makes them suitable for specific infections as well as patients who need a lower dose for various factors. 

Indications | Meropenem 125mg Injection

Meropenem 125mg Injection is widely used to treat bacterial infections which are caused by susceptible organisms. Here are some common infections that treat with this drug include:

  • Community-acquired Pneumonia: Infections affecting the lungs acquired outside of healthcare settings.
  • Urinary Tract Infections: Infections affecting the urinary system, including the bladder and kidneys.
  • Skin and Soft Tissue Infections: Such as cellulitis and infected wounds.
  • Intra-abdominal Infections: Infections within the abdominal cavity, such as peritonitis and abscesses.

Side Effects of Meropenem 125mg Injection

This drug also has common side effects including:

  • Rash
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • Diarrhea
  • Injection site inflammation
  • Anemia (low number of red blood cells)
  • Sepsis
  • Constipation
  • Apnea (absence of breathing)
  • Shock

 Also, it has serious side effects such as:

  • Severe Allergic Reactions – If you have difficulty in breathing, hives, rash, or swelling of the face and throat then immediately call your doctor.
  • Central Nervous System Effects – Those patients who have a history of epilepsy and central nervous system disorders may cause seizures.

Precautions Before Taking Meropenem 125mg Injection

Before taking this drug, it is very important for pregnant and breastfeeding women to inform their doctor and take this under the supervision of healthcare professionals. Also, your healthcare professional must know about your medical history and has any allergies or potential interactions with other drugs.


Hope you get all the information related to Meropenem 125mg inj. This antibiotic medicine treats the infection which is caused by susceptible organisms. The broad-spectrum activity of this drug makes it more powerful in fighting infections. Now, you have the complete information, go ahead and book your order.