Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg

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Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg

Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg – Take a look into the Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg Injection uses and side effects. This is widely used to treat certain serious infections that are caused by bacteria. Along with this, it cures the condition of endocarditis, respiratory tract, urinary tract, abdominal, gynecological, blood, skin, bone, and joint infections.

Patients strictly follow their healthcare provider’s instructions and it is advisable to complete their full course. Remember one thing, if you have liver or kidney problems, also have allergic reactions from any antibiotic drug, if you are a pregnant woman, breastfeeding mother, or planning to become pregnant then inform your healthcare professional before taking this drug.

What are the Medical Uses of Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg?

Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg is a combination of two medications that are used to prevent and treat serious bacterial infections. This combination is used as a broad-spectrum antibiotic that effectively treats serious bacterial infections in the body. First of all, Imepenem belongs to the carbapenem class of antibiotics, and on the other hand, cilastatin is added to inhibit the breakdown of imipenem in the kidneys, improving its effectiveness and lowering potential side effects.

#1. Know More About Imipenem

Imipenem is a beta-lactam antibiotic. It means it has a beta-lactam ring which confers its bactericidal action by interfering with bacterial cell wall synthesis. Also, this is beneficial in fighting a broad range of bacteria, including Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms. This makes it the most valuable choice for severe or complicated infections.

#2. More Information About Cilastatin

Cilastatin is a renal dehydropeptidase inhibitor that is combined with imipenem to stop its degradation in the kidneys by the enzyme dehydropeptidase. By inhibiting this enzyme, this drug ensures that the imipenem remains active as well as reaches its target concentration in the body. Furthermore, this improves its efficacy as well as lowers the risk of potential kidney-related side effects.

Side Effects of Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg

Like other antibiotics, this drug has common side effects including vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headache, as well as skin rashes. The following are the serious side effects of Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg, if you experience any of the side effects then immediately inform your doctor that is given below:

  • severe stomach pain.
  • diarrhea that is watery or bloody.
  • upper stomach pain.
  • loss of appetite.
  • jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).
  • a seizure (convulsions).
  • fever.
  • a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out.


Imepenem 500mg+Cilastatin 500mg is an effective combination of antibiotic drugs that are used to treat serious bacterial infections. This is the most valuable option for treating the complicated infection. Now, you have the complete information, for more details give us a call or visit our official website.