Ticarcillin 3gm+Clavulanate 100mg

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Ticarcillin 3gm+Clavulanate 100mg

Ticarcillin 3gm+Clavulanate 100mg – This injection of ticarcillin 3gm + clavulanate 100 mg contains two drugs that have different functions. One is ticarcillin which is an antibiotic and the other is clavulanate a beta-lactamase inhibitor. Here, we are going to discuss in great detail the uses, benefits, directions, and side effects of ticarcillin 3 gm + clavulanate 100mg injections

Uses Of Ticarcillin 3gm+Clavulanate 100mg 

Ticarcillin 3gm + Clavulanate 100mg is widely used for treating a broad range of bacterial infections related to skin infections, urinary tract infections, bone, stomach infections, and joint infections. The basic mechanism of this medicine is to prevent the formation of bacteria’s outer cell wall which plays an essential role in the survival of the bacteria. As it contains two salts – ticarcillin, and clavulanic acid. Here, ticarcillin is a type of antibiotic whereas clavulanic acid is an inhibitor that helps in increasing the effectiveness of ticarcillin in the host body.  Also, this injection of ticarcillin worked for both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. 

Here is the list of top uses of ticarcillin + clavulanate injection 

  1. Intra-abdominal infections – Abdominal tract infection is quite common and is widely treated by ticarcillin & clavulanate injection. 
  2. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) – Ticarcillin 3gm + Clavulanate 100 mg injection is very effective in treating UTIs that are caused by bacteria. 
  3. Skin & soft tissue infections – Skin infections such as wound infections, and cellulitis is usually caused by bacterias and this injection can easily treat them. 
  4. Lower respiratory tract infection – Lower respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia are caused due to bacteria and ticarcillin 3gm + clavulanate 100mg injection is used for treating respiratory infection. 
  5. Bone & joint infection – Bone & joint infections are common that caused by bacteria and can be treated by ticarcillin & clavulanate injection. 
  6. Gynecological infection – Ticarcillin 3gm + clavulanate 100mg injection is widely used for treating gynae infection. 

Benefits Of Ticarcillin 3gm+Clavulanate 100mg 

There are many benefits to prescribing Ticarcillin 3gm + Clavulanate 100mg injection –

  1. Broad-Spectrum Activity – Ticarcillin and clavulanate injection is a broad-range antibiotic that is used for treating several bacterial infections.
  2. Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor – Clavulanate is an inhibitor that prevents the activity of certain enzymes and ultimately increases the effectiveness of ticarcillin. 
  3. Combination Therapy – Ticarcillin 3gm + Clavulanate 100mg injection is undoubtedly, an effective way of treating bacterial infection. 

Some common side effects of having  Ticarcillin 3gm + Clavulanate 100 mg 

  1. Gastrointestinal Disturbances – Vomiting, nausea, Abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea. 
  2. Allergic Reactions – These may be mild allergic reactions to severe allergies like anaphylaxis.
  3. Superinfections – Overuse of antibiotics can cause resistance to the bacteria and may lead to overgrowth of infection. 
  4.  Liver toxicity – Prolonged use of effective treatment for bacterial infections. 

Direction To Use | Ticarcillin 3gm+Clavulanate 100mg

  1. First of all, ticarcillin 3gm + clavulanate 100mg injection must be taken only after the doctor’s prescription.
  2. Secondly, complete the course of ticarcillin + clavulanate injection otherwise it may lead to the return of the infection. 
  3. Thirdly, ticarcillin 3gm + clavulanate 100mg injection may cause liver damage, so must consult the doctor before taking it. 
  4. Lastly, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must consult the doctor before taking ticarcillin and clavulanate injections.